Restorative prenatal practice

LEVEL: Beginner
DURATION: 40 min +
FOCUS: Move | Refuel

Pregnancy is such a special time for you to get in touch with your body and cultivate nurturing practices like yoga.  Taking time to relax and get in touch with all the amazing changes happening in your body is essential in preparing you for motherhood.  Join us in this restorative yoga sequence to help you reduce fatigue, relieve back pain and get you ready for labour and birth.  Blessings to you and your baby.



You will need:

Blanket Block Bolster Eye Pillow Mat Strap


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    Amanda Earl

    This was my first ever online prenatal class at 23 weeks pregnant. It was exactly what I needed to stretch, move and feel connected to my body and baby. I wish I had started doing classes sooner as I have felt really tight and experienced body aches. Thank you The Mindful Mum – the instructor was knowledgeable about pregnancy and had a lovely calming voice. I will be trying more classes – can you recommend any other gentle prenatal classes?

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      So happy to hear you enjoyed this one, Amanda! Our bodies sure can get tight throughout pregnancy. Yoga is such a powerful way to take care of both you and your baby. We hope our classes here in The Sanctuary can continue to serve you! Stay tuned for more prenatal yoga classes soon. In the meantime, have you tried this pregnancy Pilates class with Mel yet?