Mindfulness in everyday life: how to make it a habit

WITH Leonie Laukkanen IN
FROM Mindful Mothering
DURATION: 15 min
FOCUS: Connect | Refuel

One of the reasons mindfulness is so great (especially for us time-poor mums!) is that it’s available at any given moment. It’s an innate quality within all of us. Whether it be by bringing your attention to your surroundings while feeding your little one, sipping slowly on a morning cup of tea, or simply noticing how you’re feeling as you go about your day – motherhood is filled with plenty of opportunities to be mindful.

In this class, Leonie will show you how you can cultivate a mindful way of being by engaging all of your senses. Learn to truly taste your food, listen with attention, sense the air you breathe, and ultimately discover the wonders of your daily existence.

You will need:

Comfortable Chair

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