Making self-care happen

WITH Suzy Reading IN
FROM The Art of Self-Care
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While self-care is commonsense, it’s not necessarily common practice, so this class is all about helping you get clear on how to DO it in a way that’s actually sustainable. Suzy will share her top tips for developing your own self-care toolkit so you can make the most of those precious spare moments and ultimately get into the habit of making healthy decisions more often.

What we hope you’ll see blossom is a beautiful sense of vibrant energy, a creativity in response to the twists and turns of normal, everyday life, a tangible sense of moving closer to being that person you aspire to be and a feeling of self-compassion that transforms your day in an instant. Let this practice be guided by curiosity and a light heart and please share with us what blooms for you! We’re in it together.

You will need:

Pen and Paper


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    Daria Pizzuto

    I really enjoyed this master class and will do the workbook this weekend. I have a 20 month old daughter who is very active and I’m 10 weeks pregnant with my second. Around 2pm my energy levels take a nosedive and I just can’t do anything.

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      Fantastic, Daria! Welcome to The Sanctuary! This masterclass is a great one to start with :)