Introduction to mindfulness meditation

WITH Jossy Jimenez IN
FROM The Heart of Mindfulness
DURATION: 10 min
FOCUS: Connect | Discover

In this introduction to the basics of mindfulness meditation, Jossy invites you to bring stillness to your body and connect to the present moment by focusing on your breath.


You will need:

Comfortable Chair


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    Lana Dobric-Flanagan

    Thank you so much Jossy! I just watched video 2 and it really hit home for me. My mind constantly wanders between the regrets of my past and my anxieties towards the future, and lately this has left me feeling overwhelmed, tired, frustrated, stressed and at times even angry. I have tried meditation and mindfulness many times, but have never really “got it”. Thank you for explaining mindfulness in a simple and meaningful way. I look forward to re introducing mindfulness into my daily routine so that I can stop and smell the roses again xx

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      Hey Lana, this is really fantastic to hear! Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us :) Our monkey minds sure have a way of getting the better of us at times, but it’s great to hear Jossy’s explanation of mindfulness has inspired you to reintroduce the practice into your daily life so you can stop and smell the roses again. Keep up the good work! xo