Grounding visualisation to strengthen your intuition

WITH Kim Newing IN
FROM Awakening Intuition
DURATION: 15 min
FOCUS: Discover | Refuel

The constant state of busyness and stress so many of us find ourselves in can leave us feeling like we have no choice, but to keep on going. In the process, we spend our days largely on auto-pilot, feeling out of balance and disconnected to the present moment.

In this second class of our ‘Awakening Intuition’ masterclass, Kim shares how you can start to balance your energy, so you can surrender to your deeper intuitive knowing and feel more grounded in the present moment. She also shares THE most incredible guided visualisation exercise that’s sure to help you find your place of calm no matter how chaotic life gets. The deeply grounded, but open space, you’ll discover is seriously life changing.

You will need:

Comfortable Chair


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