The daily health practices every mum can do (no matter how chaotic life gets!).

WITH Astrid McCallum IN
FROM Beat the Burnout
DURATION: 10 min
FOCUS: Nourish | Refuel

There’s so much outside of our control as mums. It’s true. But, we also know another truth.

With a little help (and consistent focus!), you CAN learn to engage your body and mind to work FOR, rather than against you.

One of the most simple, yet powerful ways to do this is through your daily routine. More specifically, how you choose to start and end your day. If you can maximise these precious windows of opportunity, we guarantee they’ll play a major role in sustaining you throughout motherhood.

Take 10 to learn the simple health practices you can do to feel more calm and in control – not just today, but every day.


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