Creating your personalised self-care toolkit

WITH Suzy Reading IN
FROM The Art of Self-Care
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Even when we know self-care is important, let’s be honest, it’s another thing to make it happen!

Being time squeezed, sleep-deprived and over-stimulated means we need a whole new self-care toolkit to turn to for healing, soothing and re-energising. That toolkit will serve us best if it’s well-articulated and even better, written down, so we have something at our fingertips reach for when we need it most.

Join Suzy for an introduction to her Vitality Wheel framework that will get you thinking more broadly about self-care so you can start to create a toolkit filled with activities that are unique to you.

You can also read more about practices that will bring to life the Vitality Wheel in Suzy’s book ‘The Self-Care Revolution’, available here.


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    Daria Pizzuto

    A nice video,but still unclear about some spokes and SPECIFIC things we can do for each one…

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      Hey Daria, we thought this class might open up a few questions and are here to help :) The vitality wheel is designed to get you thinking more broadly about your nourishment – head, heart and body. Some of the spokes might instantly feel familiar and appealing, and others rather cryptic and challenging. That’s okay! You don’t need to address all the areas, only the ones that resonate. The idea is to get you thinking about what you can do to help yourself right now. What works is unique to everyone and our needs change over time. We’ll share some more ideas to get you started!