3 steps to soothing self-judgement

WITH Danielle Cerantonio IN
FROM Cultivating Self-Confidence
DURATION: 10 min
FOCUS: Discover | Repair

Harsh self-judgement is one of THE biggest obstacles standing in the way of true self-confidence and acceptance. The inner critical voice we all experience, can be pervasive, hard to control and ultimately prevent us from living in the moment. It’s normal to default into a battle of resistance, getting swept up in your thoughts and believing them.  The good news is, with a little practice, you CAN learn to engage your mind to work FOR rather than against you and it starts with remembering these 3 steps.

Watch the class now and download the corresponding workbook, so you can reflect on your own internal dialogue. What story do you tend to tell yourself? Share with us in the comments below. We’re in this together and are here to support you!


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