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Naomi Aldort

Transforming parent-child relationships from reaction and struggle to freedom, power and joy. Any parent will tell you that this job teaches you more about yourself than you expected. We parent from our own experiences and sometimes it can be a challenge to move past our own childhoods for the benefit of our children's. This is an inspiring book which use[...]

Dr Craig Hassed is an internationally renowned expert on mindfulness and mind-body medicine. He has been instrumental in bringing mindfulness into the mainstream and promoting it as an effective tool in managing stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain and even heart disease. As a senior lecturer at Monash University in the Department of General Practice, h[...]
The Mindful Mum
June 17th, 2019
As you crawl out of bed after a wakeful night with a little one who struggled to breathe through a blocked nose, you just know there's a cold on the way! Rest assured, mums. Here are 5 go-to foods to nip those sniffles in the bud! Perfect for you and the munchkins to share. All these amazing foods should reduce the nasty cold - if not knock it on the[...]
We all know ‘mum life’ can get a little crazy. Whilst doing yoga each day might sound like a marvellous idea, when you have spew dripping down your neck, your baby’s screaming and your house looks like a ‘before’ shot on the Marie Kondo show, then it can be very hard to find your inner 'zen'. So as a Mum who’s also a yoga teacher, I’ve put tog[...]
Feb 19 - Mar 20. Babies born under the Pisces horoscope are often quite imaginative with a dreamy outlook. They have a beautiful wisdom that comes deep from within them, and they are able t[...]

Gretchen Rubin

Although content with life, working her dream job as a writer and married to the love of her life with two beautiful little girls, Gretchen Rubin decided one day she needed a radical change. She decided that life was too short not to be as happy as she could be – truly, deeply happy. She chose to start focusing more on the things that really matter [...]


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