Starting at pregnancy

Did you know that The Sanctuary is uniquely designed for pregnancy and postnatal care as it gives you a custom series of classes specific to your needs? It’s like having a personal team of health professionals on hand for your pregnancy and transition into motherhood! Just fill in your due date and health goals and we will do the rest.

Classes for pregnancy

With a click of a button, The Sanctuary will deliver a series of classes relevant to your specific health goals and where you are in your pregnancy journey. Each stage of pregnancy serves up new challenges - from coping with nausea and overwhelming tiredness in your first trimester, to back pain and insomnia in your second trimester, or needing guidance with birth preparation in your third trimester. If you already have children, you can even customise your classes to ensure they are most relevant to your stage of motherhood. Although this is just the beginning, our list of classes will be growing every week! Join our supportive community and share in your pregnancy journey with us today.

Continues with you after birth

Our new mother content is designed to help you repair from the rigours of pregnancy, process your birth experience and rebuild your physical and mental strength. Our gentle classes are so nurturing, they can even be done in bed with baby. We also encourage you to reconnect with your body, bond with baby, build deeper connections with your partner and get in the habit of practicing daily self-care.

Curious? Learn more about our Mindful Mission...

The Mindful Mum came to be over shared experiences, sisterhood and a joint search for sanity in the often mad world of motherhood. For women raising children it is true that you “no longer have the village” – but you do have The Sanctuary. Read more…

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