Designed for you

We have designed The Sanctuary specifically for mums seeking calm and connection. Calm to foster within themselves.  Connection with their body, mind, and those around them.

Join The Mindful Mum community to gain access to:


A range of guided meditation practices focussed on creating tangible positive change in your daily life as a mum.


From African to Salsa dancing, it's time to let go, connect with your body and have some fun!


Reconnect with your body, regain flexibility & strength, explore your feminine power and reform your body image.


Inspiring talks on how to parent mindfully to raise emotionally self-regulated kids.


Massage classes to help you let go of daily tension and reconnect with your partner.


Learn mindful eating practices as well as some great power food ideas for pregnancy and busy mums.


Recover your core strength and build your muscle tone with Pilates.


Meet other like-minded mums in our private Facebook group and share in the journey of motherhood.

Did you know that The Sanctuary is uniquely designed for pregnancy and postnatal care as it gives you a custom series of classes specific to your needs? It’s like having a personal team of health professionals on hand for your pregnancy and transition into motherhood! Just fill in your due date and health goals and we will do the rest. We are pretty excited about it!

Learn more about our Mindful Mission...

The Mindful Mum came to be over shared experiences, sisterhood and a joint search for sanity in the often mad world of motherhood. For women raising children it is true that you “no longer have the village” – but you do have The Sanctuary. Read more

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