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Why it’s OK to have a full mind when you meditate


It seems every day we’re learning more and more about the incredible benefits of meditation such as better sleep, less stress and more energy.

But did you know research is showing it has the power to revitalise the brain as well? Yes, that’s right. A regular meditation practice not only helps you feel more calm and in control, but also improves multiple areas of your brain, including increased empathy, sense of self and memory. And while meditation is a simple practice, it’s not always easy.

Many mums we speak to say they’ve tried it once or twice only to get frustrated and want to quit because they can’t clear their mind. The thoughts just keep racing and they find it impossible to switch off. They then come to the conclusion that they just aren’t able to meditate.

Sound familiar?

Well, here’s some good news. You don’t have to completely clear your mind from thinking. In fact, it’s just not possible! In the same way our hearts beat involuntarily, so do our minds.

Having lots of thoughts during meditation is a completely natural part of the process and is more just a sign that you’re releasing all the stress that’s built up in your body, which is a major point of it in the first place!

To put it into perspective, the average human has 70,000 thoughts a day, so you’re always going to have thoughts. With meditation, all you’re learning to do is simply slow down the number of thoughts. Think of it like you’ve got a whole heap of dust scattered about in your mind at the beginning of your meditation and then by the end, it’s all settled down a little. And over time, you can settle it down a lot quicker because you’ve learned not to force it. 

So if you’ve felt you can’t meditate because you can’t switch off that monkey mind, then perhaps reframe your whole approach to meditation.

Start out by thinking of it as simply taking a reprieve, a momentary pause from ALL the doing where you just allow yourself to be still and quiet. The thoughts will come and go, so just let them happen and overtime you’ll become better at observing them and just letting them pass like clouds in the sky.

When you meditate, you’re getting to know yourself in a way you never have before and naturally you’ll feel resistance to what’s growth-inducing. But, the more you can stick with it and make meditation a regular part of your day, we guarantee you’ll discover more peace, calm and clarity in all aspects of your life. So, try a meditation today knowing you don’t have to clear your mind. See if you find it a little easier simply by taking this pressure off yourself.

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