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Working with women, coaching and guiding women to optimum wellness isn’t just my job… it’s my life’s work. If I had to give myself a job title I’d claim “Wellness Warrior for all things Woman” – but that doesn’t roll off the tongue well!

Thea Baker

Counsellor | Movement Coach | Personal Trainer

Thea is an energetic movement coach and lifestyle counsellor on a mission to help mums feel their very best. She works holistically with women of all ages and stages to find their own version of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.

“I have “enjoyed” a rocky-road to wellness throughout my life. It wasn’t until I had my two children that my perspective shifted and my passion for health and wellness became the essence of who I am.”

Blending her experiences within corporate human resources, personal training and health coaching, with her MA in Counselling, Thea creates an inclusive space for mums to create transformational change in their lives.