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Here at The Mindful Mum we want to make motherhood as easy, enjoyable and energised for you as possible... one tiny moment at a time.

Sally Wood

The Mindful Mum Co-Founder

Motherhood is filled with the most immense joys, but it can also leave us feeling completely overwhelmed and depleted with very little time for ourselves. We all want to be calm, present and compassionate, but it’s much easier said than done. In my first year of motherhood, I experienced a number of challenges that made me realise just how essential it was to keep a healthy mind and prioritise regular exercise and self-care practices in order to be truly happy.

I found it really difficult to find the space and support to look after my mental and physical health while being a busy mum. I kept thinking ‘if only there was an easier way for all mums to take better care of themselves – a place they could go to for support whenever and wherever they could find a precious spare moment’.