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I’m so honoured to be sharing this space with fellow mindful mums so together we can stress less and love more, supporting one another through this messy and marvellous journey of motherhood.

Nikki Wilson

Mindfulness teacher

Nikki is the founder of 10 of zen – a social business teaching meditation and micro zen hacks to mums so they can stress less and love more. Proud mama to two small boys, her work is born from her own personal experience of motherhood.

In 2014 Nikki was diagnosed with post-natal PTSD and pulled on multiple tools to put her life back together. Meditation was one of the most sure-fire ways she could find to see sunshine behind the darkest of clouds. As she began a regular 10-minute practice, her family fondly started to say ‘mummy’s gone for ten of zen’ – and her social business was born.

Bringing together classic meditation skills, an underpinning knowledge of psychological theory plus personal experiences of therapy and life coaching, Nikki offers a unique style of meditation tailored to the highs and lows of being a mum.

Nikki quit her 9-5 as a CEO of a national charity to bring her 10 of zen to fellow mums around the world. She’s passionate about sharing the benefits of meditation, working with groups of mums to help them build new self-care habits and training wellbeing practitioners to incorporate 10 of zen into their own work with women.