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The quality of our lives is determined by the quality of our relationships. When things are right in our marriage, we’re unstoppable. We’re a better mum, biz owner, friend, daughter, sibling. And most importantly, our soul feels exquisite.

Nathalie Biviano

Relationship Coach

Nathalie is a relationship coach who helps married mothers fall back in love with their husbands. She experienced the evaporation of emotional intimacy after kids; an agonising place to be. Whilst they loved each other – there was something fundamentally missing in their marriage. They did not feel loved by one another. Is this the way it’s supposed to be – really? She pondered. Frequently.

Deep diving into the science of what makes marriage work, there are two types of couples: Masters and Disasters. Nathalie has been obsessed for 9 years to absorb and embody the mindsets, attitudes and behaviours of Masters. She now teaches married mums these strategies via 1:1 private coaching. To reach further households, she’s currently creating a course that decodes men, enhances communication and deepens our relationships.