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It's my mission to help mums remain calm and present in their daily routine by practicing mindfulness. As a result of being mindful, mothers will feel more joy and less stress, and have calm children and a connected family.

Leonie Laukkanen

Author | Intuitive Mentor | mindfulness leader

Leonie (pronounced like Princess “Leia-knee”), is an Intuitive Mentor, Mother, Mystic Maven, speaker and author of the international best selling book Mother Om. Leonie is a multi-award-winning business owner and host of the Magnetic Mama podcast. Leonie is also a teacher of Intuitive Intelligence.

Leonie’s classes offer the ultimate guide to being a more content, calm and compassionate mother. She provides simple and effective strategies to help reduce stress and encourage mums to be as present as possible, in order to connect with themselves and their families, in one mindful moment a day.

Leonie is a spiritual leader and change maker. A soul seeker and truth sharer. Leonie is the creator of Luna Phoenix Designs and makes beautiful chakra earrings to remind her clients each day to return from fear to love.

Leonie lives in Brisbane with her husband and 3 children.