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Here at The Mindful Mum we want to make motherhood as easy, enjoyable and energised for you as possible... one tiny moment at a time.

La Muxlow

The Mindful Mum Co-Founder

As I was so physically active before becoming a mum, I was struck by how confined I felt while looking after little ones. Being so housebound made it challenging to get to classes to maintain my sense of self. It was hard enough to even get out the door most days! After two pregnancies and seemingly-endless sleep deprivation, I longed to fully repair physically, centre my spirit, and regain my strength.  This beautiful online sanctuary, is my journey to daily balance, past the feelings of isolation and being overwhelmed. I so hope other tired mothers will hold my hand and join me on my quest to live the peaceful life full of tummy tickles, lovely kisses and present moments.