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Your breath is more powerful than you realise. Discover the best breath technique that works for you then use it to support your body, mind and heart when they are unwell, whatever form that takes.

Kristy Cotton

Yoga Teacher

Kristy Cotton is a qualified Yoga and Pilates teacher, specialising in Yin and Vinyasa. Her passion and deep need for Yoga practice, including meditation, developed when she was caring for her terminally ill mother in 2018. She utilised this ancient practice to support her physical body, mind and heart space as she navigated this traumatic yet beautiful experience in her life. She continues to develop her practice through ongoing training and the opportunity to teach to a wide range of students from local gyms to her own intimate studio she lovingly created with the support of her family, Yoga Rebels. Having taken a step back from her career in the public service she now maintains a perfectly aligned work-life balance managing the corporate world two days a week then teaching the rest of the week with plenty of time and space left over to enjoy life with her young family.