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I believe too many women have forgotten what they are truly made of. They’ve spent decades conforming to what we think we should be and have lost touch with the pure beauty and power that resides within. It is my mission to help women find themselves when they need it most by learning how to reconnect with, and trust their inner knowing.

Kim Newing

Intuitive life coach | NLP Practitioner & Ericksonian Hypnosis | Spiritual mentor

Kimberley Newing is an intuitive guide, spiritual mentor, mother, writer, lover of dance and yoga, rule breaker, and wine drinking crystal lover :) She is also – amongst her other credentials – a professional Believer in Womanly Magic.

Not the type of magic that comes with a cape and wand though, more like the type of divine, instinctive magic that slumbers patiently within each of us, overflowing with potential and yearning to be awakened.

This little blurb only scratches the surface of who she really is – if you want the juicy stuff about her credentials, personality and what she values, plus pictures of her gorgeous family, come hang out on her website or social media accounts.