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So many parents feel pressure to emulate an unrealistic version of what learning looks like. To me, learning is finding something that the child is interested in, and stemming activities from there. Literacy and Numeracy can be found in so many more places than just a story or a workbook. It is in the street signs on the road, the number of rocks on your walk, making a card or even in baking a cake. Early education is more about engagement and enjoyment than it is about formal curriculum.

Kathleen Bevis

Creative Arts Teacher | Primary School Teacher
Kat Bevis is a Primary School Teacher, Learning Support Teacher and, prior to heading off on maternity leave, was the wellbeing program coordinator at her school.
In a previous life, Kat completed a Bachelor of Creative Arts and shortly after, ran a small business teaching educational concepts through yoga, dance, music and art.
She has a real passion for learning through creativity and supporting students with additional learning needs to succeed through less conventional curriculum styles. A particular focus for Kat is ‘teaching through doing’, encouraging students to be present in their own learning and participate in activities that build confidence, resilience and self-motivation. Learning skills for life.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, Kat began Kids at Home – Classroom with the aim to provide kids, parents and fellow teachers with simple, creative, thematic and easy to recreate activities that they could do at home. Kat wanted to take some of the pressure off parents and help families experience learning through play, the outdoors, simple resources and limited time.