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Imagine how kind, loving & confident our children can be, if we as their guides, can support them in mindful, positive, self-connected ways of being.

Isabella Catena

Kids Yoga Teacher | Mindfulness teacher

Isabella is a 50hr trained Kids Yoga Teacher, local Kindergarten Teacher and owner of Rainbow Minds Wellbeing. 

 Her soul purpose is empowering and nurturing young children’s mental and emotional wellbeing; allowing children to recognise, understand and cope with their rainbow of emotions, and supporting children to believe they are capable, strong, beautiful & enough. 

 Isabella is extremely passionate about inspiring others to create a deeper connection to self. She enjoys sharing wisdom from her own life experiences & healing journey in online & in-person workshops, social media, guest speaking on podcasts, feature articles & more!

She believes we are all here to spread love & light by truly expressing ourselves & sharing our personal gifts & knowledge with the world.