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I strive always to achieve balance, not perfection. Equilibrium is a fluid, adaptable state, allowing the body, or the mind, to make low stress transitions through the changeable avenues of life.

Hopi Palmer

Massage Instructor

Hopi is an experienced remedial massage therapist and holds an Australian Association of Massage Therapy registration. After two overachieving years in clinics, and some burnout, she developed a strong appreciation for self-care. Through this experience, she recognised the challenges mothers face in finding time to look after themselves. Since becoming a purely mobile therapist, she aimed to be a flexible, accessible maintenance service provider, rather than an unreachable luxury. Now Hopi predominantly treats mums, working around nap times and breastfeeds. She finds a deep satisfaction in treating their injuries, tension and pain that compound in the body from that most demanding of jobs.

Raised in the mountains of New Zealand, and with a strong personal and professional background of horses, Hopi developed an unconscious appreciation for inherent mindfulness at a young age. Upon hearing this word for the first time, she recognised deeply how it resonated with the emotional state of presence, unconditional love and intuition that she had always used to achieve gentle communication pathways between herself and her horses. This is a pathway that she is seeking to pursue further, to use horses to teach this state of mind and way of life to trauma and abuse survivors, and even develop into rites of passage programs for young women.