Our Mavens


I wish this creation was available when I was starting out as a new mum. We need all the help and support we can get! Working with the Mindful Mum is a pleasure on all levels - great people who are creating from the right place - the heart - and with a vision that is both necessary and inspired.

Fiona Haasz

Art Therapy | Dance | Meditation

Fiona has been combining her training in Visual & Performing Arts with that of Visual & Performing Art Therapy, as well as energetic training in Pranic Healing, Bush Essences and more for well over a decade.  She is a talented women’s mentor, running creative meditation, women’s circles, basket weaving, art and dance classes, all designed to offer a myriad of processes for deep healing and creative exploration.

She’s passionate about the arts as a process that belongs to all. As an intrinsic part of being alive, the arts not only provide enjoyment for the maker and viewer but also are a powerful tool for integration of life’s experiences, self-expression, joy, health and creating social and political change. Fiona is committed to the needs and rights of artists, women, mothers, healers, the earth, and community.