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The relationship you have with yourself ripples through to all aspects of your world. Get in-tune with your sense of self, and understand your triggers and behaviours. Learn, experience and explore ways to deepen the relationships in and around you.

Eryka Rhodes

Meditation | mindfulness leader | relationship counselling

Eryka is a relationship counsellor and mindfulness practitioner, registered with the ACA (Australian Counsellors of Australia) and member of PANDA.

With over 15 years working in the counselling field, and since her first child in 2006, her interest and curiosity of mindfulness evolved.  Through personal practice and discipline, the benefits of mindfulness became apparent by being calmer in her every day.  Recognition of any emotion and thought whether negative or positive, proved to be a way of moving through challenges, with less judgment and greater self-awareness.  With this experience, Eryka began to integrate mindfulness and its techniques into her workplace with clients.  Her counselling practice grew from working with anybody, to becoming more specialised in the area of relationships, due to her involvement and advocacy with PANDA. Being a mother herself, she was fully aware of the vulnerabilities and coping or non coping that mothers face along with mental health.

Eryka has since created Mindfully You which is mindfulness based content on self-awareness and the informal practices of mindfulness, which opens it up to be accessible to everybody.  The mindfully you 4 week course, Youth workshops tailored for kids ages 9-16 and a new division for Corporate, shows just how passionate Eryka is about the many benefits of mindfulness.

Mindfulness maintains to be a integral part of Eryka’s everyday and her two daughters are daily reminders of being present and living each moment.