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What if we were the ones that needed to change when it comes to parenting and issues with our children? Parenting is powerful and our actions can last a lifetime. Let’s parent our children in a way that they don’t have to recover from in years to come.

Deanne Atkinson

Parenting Coach | Spiritual Counsellor

Deanne is a Parent Coach, Spiritual Counsellor with a background in Nursing and Massage Therapy.

Deanne has a family of six which includes two children of her own and two step children. She is very aware of the struggles which occur within families and has a strong interest in emotional wellbeing and personal development.

Parent with Passion was founded to help parents understand the cause behind negative behaviour and to also support mums to grow in their role as a parent.

Deanne believes as we grow and work on our own issues, we can reduce negative patterns being passed down from generation to generation.

She promotes a spiritual approach to parenting which supports equality and builds confidence and independence in children rather than overpowering or instructing them to do as they are told.