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The “clutter” around us, whether it be in our home environment, in our diet or in our busy schedules, competes with our attention for the more important things in our lives. When you clear the clutter you remove the fog, and it’s positive impact helps your health and wellbeing thrive.

Danielle Watkins

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Danielle is a former Human Resources & Administration specialist and has most recently completed studies in Health Coaching (with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition). She is intrigued by all things health & wellness.

As a Mum to 2 Children, aged 13 and 9 years old, it was only a few short years ago that Danielle was struggling both mentally and physically –

Extra weight (something she struggled with for most of her adult life), lacking energy, lacking motivation, carrying stress (most of which was self-created), not feeding her body with appropriate nutrition as well as sleeping poorly. Danielle knew something had to change. A series of ‘opportunities’ came along that empowered her to get on track – seeking support from a Naturopath, educating herself with proper knowledge and in turn Health Coaching studies. Danielle has adopted a range of healthy habits, on step at a time, which has allowed her to give up the ‘quick fix’ mentality.

During her health journey, Danielle has adopted a philosophy of simplicity, balance & joy.  She has recognised in herself (and its a common theme for many women that she speaks with) how Clutter  in her home environment, diet and life (hello BUSY!) can leave you feeling overwhelmed, tired and have zero energy.  So many people today are craving simplicity and balance.  And she is on a mission to help women, and their families, get that back!

Danielle believes that her organisational skills (gained in the corporate world), health coaching background, passion for decluttering, and being a Mum, she is able to support Women to adopt healthy habits one step at a time.