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So many incredible talents arise from birthing and raising babies. Courage, empathy, resilience, determination to name just a few. It is my passion and mission to help women to embrace these skills, step fully into their talents, and choreograph their best lives.

Danielle Cerantonio

Parental Leave Coach | Psychologist | Resilience Trainer

Danielle is a registered Psychologist with over 10 years experience in the field of Organisational Psychology. Danielle has specialist experience in parental leave coaching, return to work coaching, leadership coaching, resilience training, and occupational rehabilitation (complex psychological injuries). Danielle’s greatest passion is working with women on parental leave, and empowering them to return to work with confidence, resilience and a renewed understanding of their strengths and talents.

As a mum of three, Danielle has a strong understanding of the challenges women encounter while on parental leave, and the effect it can have on self-confidence and feelings of worthiness upon returning to work.

Danielle works with mums to help them to embrace all the wonderful skills they develop through birthing and raising children. Her programs assist mums to redefine their purpose and passion since becoming a mum, and to pursue a career that allows them to meet their new career goals while balancing the growing needs of their families. It is Danielle’s goal to completely change how organisations view parental leave, and to significantly improve the support they provide to women on parental leave, opportunities, and balance available to them.