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Parenting is not just about raising our children. It's equally about raising ourselves. Finding our feet, our voice, our intuition. Looking back on what our life has been and what has brought us here. And then deciding what parts of that will be moving forward with us, what parts we choose to hand on to our children, and what parts we choose to leave behind. We need to be willing to reflect and make conscious choices that carry us towards being the people we’d like our children to become.

Caroline Ellen

Parenting Coach | Social Worker

Caroline Ellen is a social worker and parenting coach who believes all children deserve a childhood free to play and discover. As a social worker, Caroline worked in therapeutic foster care and helped children recover from trauma. Ten years later, Caroline is now the founder of Safer Stronger Kids and on a mission to improve children’s physical and emotional safety through stronger child-parent relationships.

Caroline offers:

  • weekly workshops for parents inside her online membership, The Village
  • one-on-one parent coaching
  • a range of online parenting courses

Caroline’s experience has shown her that when parents feel supported, they are free to grow into their parenting role, trust their instincts, and find their voice. They’re then free to hold that same space for their children, helping to build resilient and enduring family relationships.