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You don’t have to be the crazy-busy woman, being all things to everyone, with hectic schedules, diets and to-do lists. You can live a life that you LOVE. I’m here to show you HOW. I'm here to light the path, be your guide, your cheerleader, biggest supporter, and chief motivator. I'm here to help you see that you are enough.

Astrid McCallum

Holistic nutritionist | Life Coach

Astrid is the founder of Ryett Healthy Habits, a qualified Nutritionist (Adv.Dip/Nut.Med) and Life Coach. She specialises in helping women find their healthy body and mind, healing from burnout through food, exercise, and mindfulness practices. Ultimately balancing the “business” of life so they can live in their most happy and comfortable self.

She is a passionate advocate for getting back to whole foods, nutrition education and believes that physical and mental wellbeing can all start on your plate. As a wife and mum of two boys, she understands the importance of taking small easy steps and just keeping life real.

Having struggled with food, exhaustion, burnout, anxiety, and self-worth issues herself, she’s committed to helping other mums learn how to break free, stop the rushing and live a life they love.

Astrid offers programs and services including individual consultations and coaching, grouping coaching and speaking engagements.