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There are many possibilities for how we can respond to our inner and outer world, along with the thoughts and emotions that arise. A loving attitude towards ourselves enables us to trust our own experience and the innate knowing available to us.

Anja O’Connor

Meditation | Yoga

Certified as a yoga teacher under John Ogilvie from the Byron Yoga Centre, and registered with the Yoga Alliance, Anja’s experience of yoga and meditation spans over 20 years.

Anja creates intimate, gentle flowing classes, weaving yoga philosophy into her teaching. She also incorporates a well- rounded meditative approach to assist the students’ awakening into a deeper experience of yoga and self.  Anja’s classes blend mindfulness, breath, and movement, using the observation of this relationship as a powerful tool towards greater self- awareness.

Gently embedding the practice of intention and self- love, Anja’s teaching opens the space to compassion, where we allow ourselves to show up for ourselves regardless of the circumstances. Anja invites you to join a space free of judgement, a space of presence with what is, with the mind and heart fully open.

Anja inspires her students to let the movement be in direct relationship with the breath, with the intention in the present moment. The breath itself is of relationship, as it is impossible to inhale and exhale at the same time. Each needs its own duration and flow, and as nature dictates, there has to be a space in between; a pause between one breath and another.

Practicing mindful yoga can bring us back to ourselves, falling in love again. Coming out of a session we remember joy and peace, trusting and respecting the intelligence of our bodies and heart; reconnecting with our own senses we are coming back home.