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I believe in the power of serving mums online by providing them with inspiration to look after their own health and fitness which fits into their busy lifestyles.

Analia Herbes

Dance | Fitness

Analia Herbes is a licensed PT and Zumba instructor with a passion for helping others make their bodies healthier from the inside out. She integrates skills with nutrition and fitness as well as many other disciplines including Ayurvedic medicine, herbalism, raw foods, macrobiotic food planning, and Reiki healing.

Analia loves to inspire other mums to make better choices for themselves and their families. She’s practiced yoga for many years, and it’s a keystone in all her life activities.  Analia’s goal is to facilitate the way to healing through non-medical interventions, while bringing more awareness to the improvements that can be made by eating the way nature intended, and moving our bodies to stay flexible and strong.

Analia has been a Latin dancer for over 15 years.  She absolutely adores the therapeutic benefits of dance, its profound connection with music and ability to help us stay truly connected to the present moment.