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The mama sets the tone of the home

By Kim Newing IN Connect

Your vibe affects your tribe wouldn’t you agree? If you’re a dark cloud, guess who’s going to be affected no matter how much you attempt to ‘contain’ things.

Yep, everyone …. and especially your kids …

That snappy, overwhelmed, frustrated vibe you’ve been rocking is no doubt leaking out all over your home environment triggering your loved ones to react too.

I can attest to this theory since I’ve been one crunchy mama this past week.

I’m not sure what came first …. The sleepless nights or my sultry attitude – but I know one thing for certain and it’s that my kids have been more unbalanced, unruly, and unhinged than they have in a long time.

When I am unbalanced, connection with my family hangs on by a thread.

Once connection is frayed, my kids needs aren’t met the same way and their longing manifests through what I consider to be shitty behaviour.  What I really know is true about undesirable behaviour however, it’s merely a reflection of my own inner disconnect.

My kids always react to me when I am out of balance. One becomes really boisterous, mischievous, defiant – one becomes highly sensitive, where everything is a drama and a problem. The baby gets clingier and has frequent night wakings as she searches to re establish our bond.

Man even writing this, I feel like a royal ass of a mother. It’s a tough pill to swallow to know what the situation requires and to resist doing it.

It’s hard though.

Isn’t it.

To meet others in their needs when you feel your own are left by the wayside.

But here’s the cold hard truth …. Until you meet your own needs, rebalance yourself, find your centre of harmony – you will continue to get reflected back to you a direct example of the chaos of your inner world.

As on the inside, is so on the outside.

It’s law.

It’s not my law – its Universal law and why so many fail to achieve success using the law of attraction.

Until you shift your own inner energy – uplevel it to the vibration you desire, you’ll keep experiencing more of the same because LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE.

So, beautiful mama – WHAT DO YOU NEED?

For me, I can tell you – hands down when I am struggling it is either one or ALL of these 3 M’s. If these guys aren’t getting enough airtime in my world, things start falling apart:


Don’t even bother forcing yourself to go to the gym if every fibre of your being resists it. Choose daily movement that lights you up. Dance, walking, yoga, stretching. It’s ok if you don’t LOVE getting there, but as long as you enjoy the feeling during and most importantly that you LOVE how you feel after that matters. The intention is to move that stagnant, crunchy energy OUT and release a juicy hit of dopamine in it’s place.


What crappy mantras do you have on repeat that need to be examined and upgraded? “I am so tired,” “I hate my life,” “I am so sick of this”, etc. Want more to complain about – then keep complaining. It’s that simple.

What we focus on expands. Sure, vent, throw a pity party, share your woes BUT THEN, stand up, shake it off and choose again. You are the master of your fate and it starts with what’s going on between your ears. If it’s not good, catch it then change it.


How is your connection to the higher power you believe in? Do you feel plugged in, aligned, grounded, supported? If not – then it’s time to come home beautiful lady.

The simple fact is, we cannot do this thing called life alone. It’s just too much shit to bear. Without being deeply rooted in the belief that the Universe has your back – struggles and obstacles have the power to derail you and tempt you in to giving up.

Don’t give up.

Turn inward.

There is an infinite well spring of pure unconditional love readily available to guide you – should you choose to listen. Do not underestimate the power of meditation/prayer/grounding. It’s the one area that when practiced regularly transforms even the greatest of challenges in my life.

It’s time to reflect and get real. What tone have you been setting in your house of late? If it’s not a tone you feel proud of, it’s time to change things up.

You are in charge of your emotions and your family need the energy of your heart not the chaos of your mind.

Come back to yourself beautiful mama. Start with one of the areas above and begin with small steps back to you. The beauty is, you’ll be more present and your family will feel the shift INSTANTLY. How do I know?

Mine just did.

Kim Newing

Kimberley Newing is an intuitive guide, spiritual mentor, mother, writer, lover of dance and yoga, rule breaker, and wine drinking crystal lover :) She is also – amongst her other credentials – a professional Believer in Womanly Magic.

Not the type of magic that comes with a cape and wand though, more like the type of divine, instinctive magic that slumbers patiently within each of us, overflowing with potential and yearning to be awakened.

This little blurb only scratches the surface of who she really is – if you want the juicy stuff about her credentials, personality and what she values, plus pictures of her gorgeous family, come hang out on her website or social media accounts.