Look to the stars


  • Pisces

    Feb 19 – Mar 20.

    Babies born under the Pisces horoscope are often quite imaginative with a dreamy outlook. They have a beautiful wisdom that comes deep from within them, and they are able to differentiate right from wrong, very clearly from an early age.

    As their imagination comes to the forefront very early, don’t be surprised if they even invent new words and phrases to experiment on you. Their imagination is always visible whilst they play with elaborate stories crammed with fine detail.

    Visual perception is a strength and given their strong imagination, they may possess a great talent for visual arts as they develop. Early on, they should be encouraged to express their large inner life and this will help bring any present artistic talent to the surface. Once this happens, they will tend to perfect their expression very rapidly as if a new exciting world has opened up.

    As they tend to have a large emotional life, they will benefit from structured family life and large family gatherings. They should be steered away from unfamiliar environments or ones in which emotional expression is discouraged. With such a complex inner life and innate wisdom, Pisces children benefit from being taught healthy communication and emotional self-regulation. Avoid critical language where possible and help them learn how to ask for help.

    They tend to be very caring and altruistic towards their friends and they will gladly offer a helping hand to anybody in need.

    As Pisces is a water sign, Pisces babies will likely enjoy activities in or near water, so make opportunities to learn aquatic sports and play outdoors.

  • Aquarius

    Jan 20 – Feb 18.

    The babies born under the Aquarius horoscope sign are well known for their sharp minds and incredible curiosity.

    They also have an eccentric streak, so don’t be surprised at their unusual behaviour, which is often very amusing in their early years. They have a natural inclination for communication, so they tend to be quite chatty right from their first words.

    In their older years, they will often riddle you with their comments and amuse you with their questions. They are fascinated with learning, so you will need to be on your toes to support this thirst. Try exposing them to a range of music and instruments when young, as well as regular reading, library visits, and nature walks. Their strong focus on learning often leads them to become friends with older children and to excel in school.

    Socially they tend to adapt very easily and it is likely that they will make many friendships during their childhood. Often they are quite popular and other children are drawn to their magnetic presence . They champion causes and they like to be able to help those less fortunate than themselves. They can have an idealistic attitude towards large social changes.

    If their freedom is threatened, they will gladly rebel, so be mindful of being too disciplinarian with them. Even when they are very young, more progress can be made with a child born under Aquarius, by simply sitting down and having a sincere talk.

  • Capricorn

    Dec 22 – Jan 19.

    Capricorn babies might appear to be very smart, largely due to a deeply ingrained sense of responsibility and desire for achievement. These old souls only require gentle guidance as they tend to easily understand their mistakes and learn from them.

    Major milestones might be achieved later than expected. This is usually nothing to worry about as once they are a bit older, they tend to catch-up pretty quickly.

    Capricornian children are quite sensitive to criticism so be mindful of shaming language. Remember, for the most part, they already recognise their mistake. It’s likely that they will take lessons seriously due to their strong sense of responsibility.

    As Capricorn is an earth sign, they have a special sense of connection with nature. They will adore spending time outside, so don’t be surprised if camping is their favourite weekend activity!

    They are endowed with a stack of stamina and energy, so sports come naturally to them. Aim for sports where a lot of running is involved. Being of a fair and likeable nature, team sports are especially well-suited to Capricorn children.

    Socially they have a balanced outlook which assists them in maintaining healthy friendships. These little mavericks tend to hold on to their convictions and strong opinions for a long time, even if they are against the grain.

    They tend to perform very well in school, particularly with a lot of support and encouragement from their family.

  • Sagittarius

    Nov 22 – Dec 21.

    Be prepared for the most active and adventurous baby you can imagine. The babies born under the Sagittarius sign are well known for their curiosity and they will gladly take hold of everything they can reach, so watch those little fingers!

    They achieve the milestones of walking and talking much sooner than most, and will definitely let you know about it due to their loud ‘show-man’ tendencies. They thrive in the outdoors where they can learn and run off some of that internal fire.

    Quite sociable and animated communicators, these children readily make new friends but can be wary of strangers as they are sensitive to social dynamics. This means your little Sagittarius may not take to a new babysitter readily until they have earned their trust.

    If their early physical learning is focussed on balance and coordination, their later years are spent quite athletically gifted. They typically do better in team sports than in individual sports, but let them have the last say on this.

    Mentally they are very free spirited and they hate being tied down with rules and regulations. They are strong-willed and determined with little inclination to jealousy. They make their own conclusions based on their experiences, no matter how limited it might be in their early age. Asking a Sagittarius child to comply is better explained calmly than strictly.

    In school they do well if not too much pressure is applied to them. Instead, positive gentle communication and encouragement go further with these little ones.

  • Scorpio

    Oct 23 – Nov 21.

    The babies born under the Scorpio sign are known for their strong and changeable temperament right from an early age. Their moods can dart from quiet and watchful, to active or emotional within the blink of an eye.

    They tend to reach the major early milestones when encouraged. Emotionally they can show incredible maturity for their age, to the point of appearing significantly older in some ways.

    They are sensitive little beings who keep their inner world deeply buried until you have earned their trust. They feel deeply about topics and can be easily hurt, so encourage healthy communication skills from an early age. Although they are slow to trust, once you have earned it they are exceedingly loyal and generous.

    As Scorpio is a water sign they tend to enjoy activities around to water such as swimming, diving or boating. Early swimming lessons are quite suitable for a Scorpio child to burn off their incredible energy. Team sports are generally not their thing and they will enjoy environments more where they are in control.

    They also tend to do well with arts, especially with music and literature. As a result, they should be exposed to a range of music styles and works of artistic nature right from an early age. Creative expression is a great way to allow the little Scorpio to express their deep passion. Socially they tend to be more introverted and they will have a small number of often quite loyal friends.

  • Libra

    Sep 23 – Oct 22.

    If you have a very affectionate and incredibly cute little one, the odds are they are a Libra! These sweet babies are also known for their calm, mild and lovable manners. A bit of active encouragement is often required by their parents to make the major milestones such speaking and walking, but they tend to be quick learners.

    Once they start talking they will reveal the communicative nature that is associated with the Libra sign. Expect a lot of questions and expect even more questions after your answers! They are very curious about the world around them and want to explore it as soon as possible. These children benefit from exposure to a range of environments and travelling will be embraced with wonder.

    Exposure to a range of music from classical to contemporary styles will encourage their natural tonal acuity. Encouragement to learn to play a musical instrument will benefit them and their curious minds. Emotionally, these children tend to be an open-book and will often open up their heart even in front of strangers. They have a natural tendency towards trusting other people, so a watchful eye is required whilst they explore friendships.

    They are known for their altruism and generous attitude. They make a lot of friends and keep these agreeable and likeable attitudes into adolescence.

    Active encouragement towards study is required as they would rather play and socialise than do their school work, despite their quick learning ability.

  • Virgo

    Aug 23 – Sep 22.

    Babies born under the Virgo sign are often very sure of their likes and dislikes even from an early age. If they don’t want a particular food they will definitely let you know! They can also be quite particular eaters or have oddball preferences for food and drinks which are not common.

    Even from a young age, children born under the Virgo sign tend to be absorbed by and interested in, small details in their environment. Due to this, a lot of busy colourful objects might easily distract their attention and make them unsettled. Simple, uncluttered surroundings are preferred by these little organisers, as neatness and elegance have a calming influence on their detail-focussed minds.

    Given they are ruled by the planet Mercury, don’t be surprised if your little Virgo starts to talk earlier than usual. In their older years, they tend to be unusually chatty and witty. With this skill, they can usually make and charm friends very quickly. Children born under the Virgo sign have a good sense of humour and fit in easily in most social groups.

    They have an evident altruistic streak and will be more than willing to help their friends when needed. They tend to show this trait very early on and keep it into adulthood.

    Educationally they tend to be great performers and early enrolment into scholarly activities will be beneficial.

  • Leo

    Jul 23 – Aug 22.

    A baby born under the sign of Leo is often quite energetic and lively from a very early age. They tend to express their needs strongly, so be prepared for boisterous tantrums down the track!

    Leo children have a strong sense of focus, playing for long periods on their own or with others. Gifted with a heartwarming smile and outgoing temperament, these children are great at making friends. Not surprisingly, they also tend to make great friends themselves and will often keep their childhood friendships well into their adult years. Their strong sense of self, results in forthright communication style and a somewhat self-interested personality.

    Leo children are quite good at pleasing other people as they quickly learn what makes others happy and use this in their daily bargaining.

    Given a rich and stimulating environment, they will not hesitate to make use of their inner creativity. It’s a form of expressing their inner energy and this should be encouraged by the adults in the environment as they are quite sensitive to negative critique.

    With such a strong energy and drive they will achieve well at school, given the right start. They can prove to be methodical and organised in their tasks which lend them a maturity past their years.

  • Cancer

    Jun 21 – Jul 22.

    Due to the Moon ruling the Cancer sign, these babies tend to be quite emotional and sensitive beings. They also tend to be very affectionate, particularly towards their mother. Since this mama bond is so strong they might have trouble accepting other caregivers. For these babies the more nurturing and responsive their mother, the more an emotionally-regulated adult they will become.

    If a new person enters their world they can be somewhat anxious and grumpy. Indeed, it might take quite long for their confidence to be established in any new environments. Generally, they are not very vocal about their needs and are easily pacified with their favourite snack or drink. For this reason, mothers need to be particularly switched-on to pick up their emotional cues so as not to pacify with food too often.

    Weaning a Cancer baby from the breast can be especially challenging due to the strong maternal bond and their association of food with comfort. Slowly and gently is best with these little ones.

    As the Moon is associated with everlasting change, be prepared for regular mood swings. Accept these moods and try to go along with them. The Cancer child needs stability in their caregiver above all else.

    The Cancer child tends to be more involved in creative and thoughtful activities, often excelling in the arts or academia later in life.

    Children born under the Cancer sign need a very stable environment. They tend to struggle with changes, especially if they are sudden. Introduce any changes with plenty of warning, involving them in as many of the decisions as possible along the way.

    They tend to be steady performers in school. They might need the occasional push in the right direction especially at the start, as they have trouble making the first step.

  • Gemini

    May 21 – Jun 20.

    The sign of Gemini is associated with quick and agile minds, so brace yourself for a bright little thing from the start. The babies born in this sign are often fast learners and they can show a psychological maturity that is beyond what is expected for their age.

    Practice patience with these little detectives as they pester you with questions all day long. Just part of raising your own little genius! Regular library trips and time spent in nature will help feed their insatiable imaginations.

    Children born under this sign need to be surrounded with beautiful, engaging environments which will stimulate their ever active and fast mind. Screen-time and computer games can over-stimulate their imaginations, so keep these to a minimum and focus on learning programs. With such a strong imagination, Gemini children often suffer from vivid nightmares and also excel at the creative arts. They often excel at school but can become bored easily if the content isn’t presented in an engaging way.

    These butterflies are capable of morphing into any social situation and can find themselves with several very different groups of friends. Being outgoing and vivacious, they tend to make friends easily.

    Early learning of another language is a great activity for Gemini children as it answers a constant need to communicate and learn. Focus on teaching these children to express themselves kindly and model how to be a good listener.

  • Taurus

    Apr 20 – May 20.

    The child born under the sign of Taurus is very expressive of their needs right from the start. As babies, they will loudly let you know if they need something and as toddlers, they will master the art of tantrums. Self-expression should be encouraged as this is deeply ingrained in the nature of these children and they will struggle to suppress it. Instead, try to teach them healthy communication skills and encourage them to use their words or deep voices to alleviate tantrums and whining. These children often bond well with the males in their life. They are family orientated homebodies who enjoy being in their comfort zone and can fiercely resist change. When change is afoot, best give these little ones plenty of warning and opportunity to do some decision making.

    Taurus children have a natural musical ability and tonal acuity from an early age, so go ahead and break out the classical, rock and blues for this little musician. A bedtime song will often become a favourite connecting time.

    With these independent souls, strict law enforcement will be met with dogged resistance which will slowly affect your bond, so try more subtle motivations and plain talking to make your point. They are often mistaken as slow learners or lazy because of their overwhelming headstrong and independent nature.

    In terms of appearance, Taurus children are typically very cute due to their sign being ruled by the planet Venus. They often have a healthy awareness of their image and don’t be surprised if they start to choose their own clothes from a very young age!

    Taurus children are physically strong and do well in sports requiring strength and stamina, versus agility. They should be taken outside from an early age due to their strong connection with nature.

  • Aries

    Mar 21 – Apr 19.

    Aries babies are so full of energy it can be quite exhausting for their mums! They are very curious and very active right from the start. They are often the ones that can easily be ‘early’ in their major steps and developmental milestones.

    The baby born under Aries can start to walk and talk earlier than her peers, especially if slight encouragements are offered by mum.

    Emotionally strong parent-child connections tend to be formed very early with these children and they have a characteristic ‘depth of personality’ which is very easy to recognise.

    Parents, and especially the mother, need only offer mild encouragement to help these energetic creatures thrive. Mildly guide any behavioural issues using positive direction and avoiding punishment techniques as they tend to have counterproductive consequences with Aries children. All that energy can often be channelled into overwhelming tantrums, but if you keep your manner calm and steady, they will eventually find their feet.

    Exercise is highly important for Aries-born children as it will encourage them to release that massive, innate energy. This release of energy, whether through more organised exercise activities or through informal play, will be invaluable in helping them focus in educational settings. Without exercise, an Aries child might seem to be a bit hurried and even somewhat distracted.