Mar 21 – Apr 19.

Aries babies are so full of energy it can be quite exhausting for their mums! They are very curious and very active right from the start. They are often the ones that can easily be ‘early’ in their major steps and developmental milestones.

The baby born under Aries can start to walk and talk earlier than her peers, especially if slight encouragements are offered by mum.

Emotionally strong parent-child connections tend to be formed very early with these children and they have a characteristic ‘depth of personality’ which is very easy to recognise.

Parents, and especially the mother, need only offer mild encouragement to help these energetic creatures thrive. Mildly guide any behavioural issues using positive direction and avoiding punishment techniques as they tend to have counterproductive consequences with Aries children. All that energy can often be channelled into overwhelming tantrums, but if you keep your manner calm and steady, they will eventually find their feet.

Exercise is highly important for Aries-born children as it will encourage them to release that massive, innate energy. This release of energy, whether through more organised exercise activities or through informal play, will be invaluable in helping them focus in educational settings. Without exercise, an Aries child might seem to be a bit hurried and even somewhat distracted.